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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/reddeerseacadets/

Ships Office: (403) 342-0010

In cadets you will work with other cadets, officers and sometimes wildlife in creating a strong citizen that is both well educated and a strong leader. We help to make a secure place to be both yourself and someone completely different.

Ceremonies and Events 

As our unit is very community-intensive, we participate in many ceremonies and public events and also many military/cadet specific events such as sail weekends and Remembrance Day ceremonies.

(Seen below is the Battle of the Atlantic ceremony held in Calgary, AB commemorating the sacrifices of sailors during WWII.)

Sailing Capabilities 

Normally in the Spring-time we will have sailing weekends where cadets learn how to correctly and safely sail the International 420 sailing boat, among a few others. We learn safe sailing and how to sail at a competitive level, some going on to sail in local regattas, provincial or national competitions, even having the opportunity to achieve Olympic sailing abilities.

In Province Work 

Each unit has a separate crest to distinguish on uniforms.

At our home unit you will have a lot of opportunities for sailing, seamanship and many other areas in weekends, daily courses and classes that are taught on training nights every Thursday night.

Out of Province Work 

The crest for CSTC Quadra 

(Cadet Summer Training Camp) 

After joining cadets for a short period and working on different courses you may be given the opportunity to go to a summer camp, which ranges from 2 week long General Training to the advanced 8 week courses such as staff or trainer (For teaching these classes at a home unit or helping teach it at the camps.)

Out of Country Opportunities 

Along with travelling to camps in Canada some cadets are also given the opportunity to go on foreign exchange. These exchanges can either be for events and memorials like Remembrance day or for learning the different ways of foreign cadet Cores in countries like Great Britain, Australia and South Korea.

(From top, a cadet from 126 Red Deer participates in a trip to Ireland, foreign exchanges from Australia, Great Britain, South Korea and Sweden arriving at HMCS Quadra in British Columbia for a summer training camp)

(Below are the two of the 104 meter Orcas that are based out of HMCS Quadra. Cadets work on board for day trips and multi-day trips in and around coastal British Columbia)

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