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With the new changes and updates to the cadet program we will be participating in one physical fitness based activity night per month, two normal training nights with classes and drill(In Sea Training Uniform) and one Ceremonial Divisions night. Remember to do you uniform and be prepared for inspections on any training night and every CD night!

First Thursday of the month is always C1 (Black ceremonial dress) unless otherwise said.

The rest of the month is the C4 (Postman blue uniform) unless otherwise stated. 

Monthly or bi-monthly events such as sports nights, swimming or other such activities will be taking place so keep up to date with officers and senior cadets.

Most recent sailing weekend stuff!


Sea Training Uniforms for normal training nights (Blues)

C1s for Ceremonial Divisions nights (Full black uniform)

Sports Nights use appropriate attire for weather and event, normal should be shorts/t-shirt with an extra sweater/sweat pants to cover

 Sail Weekends: None scheduled until ice melts.

Other Events: 

Collection of Pictures from Cadet Events! (Both at our events and summer training centers)

Following files are slightly outdated Phase booklets made in 2002, most are not provided by cadet cores anymore but most information is still valid. If something does not seem right or correct with the documents bring it up with a Petty Officer during a training night or on facebook/messaging to get it validated. Phases are in regards to time spent in cadets and years completed. Phase 1 is first year in cadets, Phase 2 is one year completed and on second year, etc.

Phase-1-english-2002.pdf Phase-1-english-2002.pdf
Size : 2792.578 Kb
Type : pdf
Phase-2-english-2002.pdf Phase-2-english-2002.pdf
Size : 1527.377 Kb
Type : pdf
Phase-3-english-2002.pdf Phase-3-english-2002.pdf
Size : 1286.491 Kb
Type : pdf
Phase-4-english-2002.pdf Phase-4-english-2002.pdf
Size : 833.168 Kb
Type : pdf


General chat for smaller questions and comments. Right click on a name to specifically message a user. For cadets keep your rank/name and any guests/parents use appropriate names to identify yourself.